April 24, 2020

Grilling, Growing and Girl Time

Quarantine is messing with my mind.  Yesterday I was getting ready for bed and reminded myself to get up to take the trash out in the morning.  Like it was a Sunday!  Here I was ready to start the week.  Imagine my surprise a few minutes later when I was brushing my teeth and remembered what day it really was.

The boys have been grumpy and are like like emotion grenades. To be completely honest Im not sure if its their ages or being stuck at home because its not like they were super social anyways. But we do usually get out one day during the weekend to let them run off some energy and get a good seat in. Now weekends are super chill and well, we don't look forward to them as much either.

Today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Here are a few things that made my list this week!

• David grilling again. Thats 2 weeks in a row where I got to sit back and watch someone else do the cooking. I love it.  The boys asked him to grill up some steaks this weekend too.  So this might just become a thing.

• Week 2 of my natural hair adventure. Its has been just that.  And adventure.  All my life I have hated my hair.  This will be my 3rd week of trying it out and my hair has been up all day.  It was just to dang hot for my mane to be hanging free.

• Facetime with my mom and sisters. I love my brothers but holy hell, i have had it up to here with testosterone.  We taught mom how to use the IG filters and it was hilarious.  Hopefully funny enough that they will forgive me sharing this picture of us! 

• Lots of resting this week. I miss my morning patio time but man does it feel good to sleep in too. I have been waking up but staying in bed and waiting for the boys to get up.  Some time resting is the same thing as making the most of my quiet time.

• Being on the same page as David. I love how even when he is at work he will text me about something I was just thinking about.  I was thinking about putting a TV in our room, yeah, its come to that.  And he texted me that he wanted to get a new TV for the living room and move that one in our room.  About a minute after I had the though.

Chisme Plant

• More backyard blooms. My chisme plant was nothing but sticks after winter but now the pot is over flowing. I love how they open so quickly.  I might have to get a timelapse.  One minute they were closed and I was watering plants and the next they are open are rising to the sun.  Love it.  And there are buds on the jasmine plant to that will hopefully open tomorrow and share their beautiful smells. 

• Movie nights. During the week because David isn't working at Amazon at night anymore.  This week we watched Bad Boys and laughed so hard.  Im gonna miss our weekend money, but having him home at nights is the best ever.

• Getting my curbside order in for TODAY. I doubt they will have all the things I ordered but I hope the fact that there are more open pick up a lots means we are slowly getting back to normal. 

Hanging out in the Hammock

• Taking a time out and hanging out in the hammock.  This week I have needed more time outs than the boys.  Not like stand in the corner time outs but the sit still and think about what you are doing with your life kinda time outs.  Lots of thinking about life and how even though we seem to have the worst of luck, we really aren't doing to bad.

• Feeling like things are finally getting back on track today.  We started this distance learning and quarantine stuff off strong and the last two weeks were challenging.  But today checking all the boys school work and progress, I feel like we got this again.  Thank the Lord too because I was kinda at the end of my rope.

• Its almost midnight and I am just now getting around to finishing this post up.  Most of the morning went to helping Alex with his project.  I finished up a writing assignment and got it submitted and spent a few hours on the phone, scheduling, rescheduling and ordering medication.

What are y'all doing this weekend?  We will be here, doing yard work and hopefully finding a donation station that is open and accepting the bags and bags of clothes we need to get rid of.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  And what ever you are doing, I hope it makes you happy and keeps you safe!  

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