April 13, 2020

Menu Plan 4•13•20

Posting my menus here are mostly to keep myself accountable.  But If I got a quarter for each message I got when I don't post them, well, I could probably get an ice cream from the ice cream truck LOL. Like last week.  We totally winged it.  No plan, no nothing.  And it gave me major anxiety.  Every day all I could think about was "What am I going to make for dinner?"  Yeah, not doing that again.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

I didn't really even go grocery shopping this week.  We went to Sams and got TP for us and for Grandma and Grandpa.  Plus some lysol.  Then we got stuff for burgers over the weekend and a few other things.  But not an actual planned grocery list.  So we came home with bits and pieces but nothing to make any specific meals.  So, this week I am winging it again. I have lots of food, just no plan.  Yet.  But Im about to put my menu together and I figure I'll do it and share my process.  Let's go!

The first thing I do is take a look at what I have in the freezer.
Boneless skinless thighs.
Beef Picada.
Ground Turkey
Frozen veggies.

Then Im go though the pantry.  AKA the carb closet.
Egg noodles.
Everything to make bread and pasta.
Tomato sauce.
A mysterious jar of carbonara?

In the fridge I found...

And now let's play connect the dots.

Milk, parmesan and shrimp and homemade fettuccini = Shrimp Alfredo.

Cilantro, tomato sauce, picada and rice = Arroz con Carne.

Veggies, breadcrumbs, potatoes and ground turkey = Salisbury Steaks.

Tortillas, cheddar and chicken = Chicken roll ups.

Lemons, zucchinis, breadcrumbs and salmon = Air fried Salmon & veggies.

Veggies, lemon, rice and ground turkey = Lemon Pepper Turkey

Air Fried Salmon

No one has been big on breakfast lately.  The boys wake up and get straight into their school work.  Its awful I know.  I need to find a way to get them to eat first.  Alex every now and then will have a bowl of cereal but mostly we just have a solid lunch.  We have tuna, salmon, rice, kimchi, shakes and stuff for sandwiches.  I think I saw some ramen in the pantry while I was in there.  And leftovers because we aren't about that food wasting.  We try not to be anyways. 

So theres is my menu planning process.  Most weeks I kinda just go by what we all want or what they ask for.  But this week its all about what we already have.  I have not had much of an appetite so it was a lot easier to plan with what was in the freezer, then try to come up with a menu from scratch.  So that helps!

What would you make with what I found?  What are you making this week?  Let me know, because next week I will have to send David out of food and I should probably have a some sort of plan for him.  He hates shopping with out me when supplies are limited.  Pandemic shopping.  Le sigh!

Happy Monday everyone. 

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