May 4, 2020

Menu Plan 5•4•20

Happy Monday!  Who was ready for the new week?  Who was not?  I woke up yesterday morning and decided to start the week out on the right foot.  But when I walked into the living room, David was still home.  Because it was SUNDAY?  So I was ready for today yesterday.  But now, Im kinda struggling.

Menu Plan

My to do list for the day keeps growing and I haven't even had a coffee yet.  I was planning on having this post written up and scheduled but then we spent the majority of the weekend snuggled on the couch watching TV or talking about everything past present and future.  So now that I had the most chill weekend, I know I need to kick my butt into gear and get things done.  Started with the menu.  Because life just runs so much better when I don't have to wonder all day "Whats for dinner?"  I know Im not the only one moms hears that question twice...before lunch.  So what is for dinner?  Here is this weeks menu plan.

Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Lemon Pepper Turkey, Brown Rice and Salad.

Chicken Pot Pie

Grilled Chicken and Salads

Clean out the Fridge Night

I know that today I am going to slather a chicken in butter and herbs and then throw it in the oven to roast it.  And I plan on making chicken salad for lunches with any leftover chicken meat.  The Lemon Pepper Turkey is a super easy and healthy recipe that the guys all love and we have a once a month at least.  And Im hoping that with all that and a pot pie or two, we will have enough leftovers for one night.  A mom of growing boys can dream.  If not, we will have some salmon.  I was thinking that grilled chicken would be the best way to kick off the weekend.  Some good ole, teriyaki chicken and rice.  Just like home, minus the beach.  Will I be able to hold out on grilling till Friday?  Le sigh.  We shall see.

OK so theres my menu.  I have a few more things to cross off my list for today. 

Make a second shopping list ( We got all the food but need non food things)
Call the insurance about staying at a 30 day prescription instead of 90 day.
Clean Bathrooms
Plant the lemon tree
Water Aloes/Agaves
Soak Koopa and let him play outside.
Check Google Classroom.

I guess I better get to it.  It is almost noon now!  Dang Monday...whats the rush?!  I hope you all have an amazing week. 

Menu Plan Monday

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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