November 18, 2019

Menu Monday 11•18•19

Well hello Monday. Or should I say goodbye Monday.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out!  Or do!  Nothing today happened the way it was supposed to but its almost over so I'm just gonna be thankful for that.  Tomorrow is a new day!

If today is almost over that means we are one day closer to Thanksgiving break.  Im so excited!  But for now, Iv'e got my menu together and that might be the only thing I managed to have together today.  It's a start right?  Here is what we are choosing from this week.

Turkey Meatloaf, Salad and Green Beans.

Baked Pork Chops, Zucchini, Salad.

Baked Chicken Legs, Broccoli, Corn Cobs.

Parmesan Chicken, Asparagus, Mixed Veggies.

Fish Sticks and Macaroni.

Trying to get plan dinners I can get done before David gets home has been a little challenging.  Maybe it was the way I was raised but I like to have dinner hot and ready when its time to eat. And David is only home for a short time between jobs.  So on the days I am babysitting,  I try to have things done or as done as they can be before we leave to get the kids.  Luckily I am just next door so if I need to bring everyone over here so that I can finish cooking on time, it's not that big of a hassle.  Like today.  David walked in right as my oven timer went off.  That was cutting it a little to close for my anxiety, but it worked out.

I have been having such a hard time eating meat and full meals lately so David got me a bunch of Salmon and my mom filled my freezer with Tuna and small fish so that is what I will be having for dinners this week.  Sashimi and Poke for days! I know not everyone is a raw fish fan but I grew up eating right out of the ocean so, Im beyond happy.  I have to make sure I save some for the boys too though, because they eat it up too!  They also get to have fish sticks this week, so they are extra excited.  Its the little things. 

My Mom and Sister will be here next week and I can't wait.  That means, we will be up all night playing cards and up early to have coffee together.  There is never a dull moment when we are together.  Who am I kidding, there is never a dull moment in my whole life!  I kid!

Whats on your menu for this week? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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