January 7, 2019

Menu Plan: 1•6•19

You guys!  Its the first menu of the new year.  I totally forgot to share last weeks menu until my little sister texted me asking where it was.  But its ok because I only made half of what I was planning to make anyways.  Thanks to my best B feeding us one night and Grandma who not only had us over for Menudo, but sent me home with enough for us to enjoy all week. This week its back to the kitchen for me!

I was hoping the new year would bring with it some culinary inspiration but for some reason it was so hard to figure out what to make.  I ended up just figuring out what to make with whatever we have left in the freezer.  Which worked out perfectly because it seemed like this was the week we needed all the non food items too.  So, here's is this weeks line up.

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf

Roasted Potatoes

Oven Fried Chicken
Someone else can pick another veggie

Or Tamales

Sausage, Rice & Corn

So, my first thought after seeing the menu plan written out is, why is there so much rice?  Growing up rice was served at every dinner.  David and I try to eat fairly low carb but this week, I must have forgot that.  Next week I will be better because I am going to spend all week trying to find something new to make.  I would love to try one new recipe a week but I think I'll shoot for every other week for now.

Whats on your menu for the week?  Not a menu planner?  If I can do it, so can you!  I swear it makes life so much easier!  Im all about making life easy!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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