November 2, 2018

Whats up weekend: November 2

Sometimes it feels like the harder I try, the worst things get.  I swear, I set out to have a good week and the whole week goes to hell in a hand basket, but when I'm sure its going to impossible, things go better than expected.

This week started out with Anthony being squeezed in to see his doctor.  30 minutes later, we are leaving with a new inhaler, steroids and antibiotics.  He has a double ear infection and his asthma is kicking his butt right about now.

By Wednesday, Anthony was feeling better and Chico decided it was a perfect time to go into a full on old man fit.  We dropped him off at the vet yesterday morning and prayed for some answers. But by the way he was acting, I was for sure he wasn't coming home.  Turns out his kidneys are up to something, hes anemic and he has an infection.  On top of that he is almost 17.  So he is home for the time being.  Because he is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom ok the Dr suggested we make him comfortable, try some meds and check back in a few days to see how he is doing.  If there is not change, then we will be saying goodbye to our baby.  As much as I thought I was prepared for it, my heart hurts something awful.

Fridays on the blog are usually set aside for happiness.  This week, I feel like I'm getting beat up as soon as I get around every corner. But still, I'm moving forward.  And no matter how hard life pushes,  my only option is to push back.  So even though this has been one of the most exhausting and frustrating weeks ever, I'm linking up with my Peaceful Posse ladies Lindsay, Charlotte and Beth and will try to round up a few things that lifted me up this week.  Here we go!

Castroville Regional Park

Getting out and getting some fresh air last weekend was just what we needed to recharge.

Our Pediatricians office is the bomb .com!  They are like family!

It was hailing 30 minutes before Trick or Treating time, but the skies cleared up just in time.

David picked up a second job at Amazon.  He is amazing!

The boys grades are on point.  Don't know where they get those big brains!!

I discovered The Resident on Hulu.  Im almost caught up!

Mongolian Beef

Good food.  This weeks menu was heavy so I didn't eat much of it, but it was tasty!

Paying bills with earnings from this little blog makes my heart happy!

Chico the Chihuahua is in good spirits for the time being and acting more like himself.

Even though I haven't been sleeping and have been stressed to the MAX . I have been feeling pretty good physically.

There you have it.  Things that make me happy and thankful this week.  Things I am grateful for.  Its just past 10 pm on a Friday night and I am just now getting to write this out.  Life can get so crazy sometimes, but taking a few minutes to look back some weeks makes all the difference!

Peaceful Posse

This weekend is looking like it will be a nice and relaxed one.  Both boys are having friends staying the night.  Which means we won't do much tomorrow either.  Sunday is 1$ day at the Texas Aquarium and Im trying to convince David its worth the drive!  We shall see.  Whatever we do, I want to get some time in the sun and fresh air.

So what about you guys?  What are somethings that made you happy this week?  What are you thankful for?  What do you have planned for your weekend?  Big or small, I want to know so let me know below!

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  1. Oh, momma. That picture of Chico is breaking my heart. I’m glad to hear he’s on the mend and will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sorry it’s been such an awful and stressful week for you and hope you get to take a trip to the aquarium this weekend. Sounds like that might help to boost your spirits. Sending all my love for a beautiful weekend.