November 5, 2018

Menu Plan: November 5

Okay Monday, I'm gonna need you to take it easy on me.  I have been pumped to start the last few weeks and each week has pretty much taken a nosedive.  I'm ready for a fresh, new, solid start to the week.  And I'm praying this is it.  Everyone is feeling better.  We had a great weekend.  And now it's time for a new week.  And a new menu.

This weeks line up is little different than most weeks.  But I let the guys pick out dinners and this is what they asked for.

Tuna Subs


Mozzarella Chicken

Arroz con Pollo


Its a pretty relaxed menu for us and a little processed for my taste but I have a plan.  I was going to have just tuna on lettuce tonight, but I think I might just have a tuna melt and call it my cheat meal. We'll see.  For Tuesday, I got some black beans and a small avocado to make a taco bowl.  No beef for me.  Wednesdays I will save a piece of chicken and grill in on the side to have with some summer squash.  On Thursday, I'll most likely just have the chicken.  And on Friday I'll be having me a shake.  Or maybe Ill make some soup or something.  I don't know for sure. But someone asked me last week about what I eat so there you have it.  I don't cook separately for myself but just create my own meal out of what I serve the guys. Low animal protein, low sodium, low vitamin K, low carb.... pretty much low everything. 

Oh, before I forget, I have been told that peoples comments weren't coming thought and I found out that some comments are coming though on Disqus and some are going to the old blogger comment form, where I can't reply to them.  I guess it has something to do with Disqus not supporting mobile commenting or that's what I have ready anyways. So if you commented lately and it didn't show up and I didn't reply, that's why.  I will probably be going back to the native comments for a bit until I figure it all out.  Sorry about that guys!

Now lets talk about whats on your menu this week.  Let me know below what cooking!!  

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