October 22, 2018

Menu Plan Monday: October 22nd

Hey look its Monday afternoon and I'm out of bed.  I have made it to the dining table and have a whole mess spread spread out.  Catching up on calls and bills that need to get checked on.  I have a handful of appointments to make too.  And we wont even talk about the laundry that is piled in the laundry room.  I tried to snag a little something from the Scentsy Sale, but I hesitated and it sold out!  You snooze, you lose!

Menu Plan Monday

And while I wait for this lady to get my insurance information fixed and my bill corrected, we should talk about food!  Because its Monday.  And because there is always a good chance I will get sidetracked and forget to share.  Here is this weeks line up.

Turkey Fried Rice

Fish Tacos

Crispy Chicken Thighs
Zesty Cauliflower

Tuna Casserole

Leftover Night

So last week I said mentioned on IG that I have been wanting to try fish tacos but they seemed intimidating to me.  Not because I don't like fish, we LOVE fist, but in a taco?  I had a few people tell me that they loved them, so I picked out a recipe on Pinterest and stuck it on the list.  If you aren't following already, find me here--> instagram & pinterest

Wednesdays Chicken dinner is a new to me recipe too but I can't wait to try it.  I was teasing David about cauliflower rice because he hates it, but he claims that whole cauliflower is fine, so, here goes nothing!

The rest of the week is easy.  Turkey Fried Rice tonight is a quick and easy dish I came across and threw together one weekend for lunch since I had everything.  And it turns out the guys Love it and now its gone on the approved dinner list!  I love that its light and I can add in all the veggies.  They love that it tastes so good.  And Tuna Casserole on Thursday because 2 out of 3 of them asked for it.

And now that my menu is planned and I'm off the phone with the insurance lady, I think I might have to go have a nap.  I am feeling a little better, but still not sleeping well, so I should lay down while the boys are at school.  I was coughing up a storm last night and now my chest and back ache.  I can always make the rest of my appointments from bed!  God I love cell phones.  Remember back in the day of the corded home phones!!  How did we ever survive?

Menu Plan

Whats on your menu this week?  
Im always looking for new ideas,  so drop a few in the comments!!

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