November 9, 2018

Fresh Air, Penguin Fun & Family Time

Another week has come and gone.  Hello Friday!  This week went by surprisingly fast. It seems that it happened so fast, I barely had time to sit down and open up my computer.  Am I the only one that would still rather surf the net on a computer than the phone?  Ive also been avoiding staying online too much because politics brings out so much hate.  I have no problem with people having their own opinions and standing up for their beliefs, but holy hell does it get ugly!  I have no time for that.  I'm loving all the thankful posts and fall pictures.  Those make me super happy!

Speaking of happiness, its Friday and time to link up with the Peaceful Posse and share some things that made me happy this week.  Here are a few of my happy highlights!

I mentioned last week that I was hoping to get back out to the park over the weekend.  We made it. Alex brought a friend along and they played so hard they were asleep less than 5 minutes into our drive home.  The sun was shining and the air was fresh.  It was nice to get out there again.  Next time we tackle some of the trails.

Grandma and I walked up to the school on Tuesday for the 4th Grade Penguin Gallery.  The students have been doing research on all the different species of Penguin and they had their posters lined up in the hallway on display.  We got to ask them about their specific species and it was a lot of fun.  I guess its part of an effort to get parents more involved. Sadly there weren't a lot of parents there at all.  So we went down the whole hallway and talked with all the kids! They were all happy to share.

Speaking of Alex, finding this video made me happy.  Seriously this kid acts like he runs this house.  Also when he went into my bedroom I about passed out.  It was funny though.   Of course the one day that we both sleep in, he is up talking about how he has to "check on us."

Did you see my menu on Monday.  To say it is simple is saying too much.  But I'm not going to lie.  I have loved being able to just hang out with the boys or read more since I spent less time cooking.  I love cooking but its been nice.  Next week I'm going back to healthier, lighter dinners.  Hopefully with a little prep, they can all stay quick too!

I went out to lunch with one of my neighbors.  She is retired and not working currently and I know that she is getting bored and lonely.  So when she suggested lunch, I agreed.  I don't think I have ever talked that much in a whole week but I know she really enjoyed the company and I had a good time too! After lunch we checked out the model homes they put up for the community next to us.  I LOVE this bar!

This weekend will be the last weekend before David starts his new, well, second job.  So I'm hoping we can make the most of it.  We have a company dinner downtown tomorrow. If anything, it will at least be interesting.  The weather has jokes.  Yesterday I was in shorts and tomorrow we have a high of 53. It would be harder not to hate the weather if it would just stay cold or hot for longer than a few days before switching back.  UGH!

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving!?  I should probably get my butt in order and figure out what we are doing.  What are your Turkey Day plans?  Are you doing anything fun this weekend?  Id love to hear about it!

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