September 22, 2018

Caregiver planning made easy with Sams Club

This post is sponsored by Depend, Poise, and Ensure but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Just the other day I was laying in bed, not feeling so great when little hands reached up and patted my back.  "Are you OK Mum?"   That's what he calls me when he is nervous and he is trying to make me smile.   It always works.  I rolled over and looked into big brown eyes, filled with worry, waiting to be reassured.   "Yeah honey, I'm OK!"  I closed my eyes and sent up a prayer that it was true.

I am blessed with two wild and amazing boys.  I am married to an equally amazing man who also happens to be my best friend.  And I am living with Chronic Illness.  When we vowed to love each other "in sickness and in health", I don't think either of us imagined having to honor that so soon. Four years later, in 2008 I was diagnosed with a liver disease and told I would need a liver transplant. And in order to move up the transplant list, my health would have to decline.  Thankfully for now I am able to keep up with things around the house and am able to take care of myself.   But I know it won't last forever and as my health has slowly declined, I wanted to make sure that we had a plan in place for when those days do come.

My friends and family will tell you that I am awful about accepting help.  I won't disagree with them. I have and even harder time asking for help.  But I am blessed with amazing people in my life who step in before I even have to ask.  From making sure the boys gets to and from school.  Driving me to my appointments all over town and bringing over little gifts to brighten my day.  You know that saying about how its the little things that matter most?  The saying still stands when it comes to caregiving.

Lucky for us, we have been Sam's Club Members before we made those vows and they have everything we will possibly need when the time comes.  And lots of it!  From Poise and Depends to Ensure and Glucerna and everything in between, they have it.  These are all things that will come in handy for anyone in need of caregiving.  I honestly don't know what lies ahead of me, so I might need a few things or I might end up needing them all.  But at least now we know where to turn to when we need anything.

While my liver is usually at the front of my care, I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Or PCOS.  And making sure that I am also managing that on top everything else can be a little overwhelming.  The key is to manage my blood sugar levels.  This is how I came across Glucerna. Which features CARBSTEADY, slow release carbs that help minimize blood sugar spikes.  It is designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes compared to high-glycemic carbohydrates.  Enjoying Glucerna along with eating more fiber, drinking more water and regular exercise has really helped me.  And it tastes so much better than I was expecting so I don't feel like I'm missing out!

Caring for a family member is not easy, but thanks to Sam's Club, shopping for all your caregiving needs is.  They offer discreet shipping options for those that can't make it to the store. With Club Pick up you can order ahead and pick up your order when you are able to. And if you do go into the store you can use the new Scan and Go app. Just scan as you shop, pay through the app and skip the lines. Just show the checker at the door your phone and they will scan your receipt! No more long lines!

Have you talked to your loved ones about caregiving plans.  Maybe for yourself or for another family member.  If you haven't already, be sure to stop by Sam's Club the next time you stock up on all your Caregiving needs!

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