September 24, 2018

Menu Monday: September 24th

And just like that, we are right back to a new week.  Why do weekends have to go so fast? 

Anthony spent the weekend at a friends, so we were down to one kid.  You know, sometimes its good to get that one on one time.  We ran some errands on Saturday and spent yesterday at the Zoo.  We grabbed pizza, groceries and Anthony on the way home.  Am I the only one who buys groceries and then doesn't want to cook anything that night? 

I mean, I cook most nights of the week. Except for leftover nights.  And usually we just snack on what ever is left on the weekends, but the store didn't have the pork chops I wanted so we went with pizza!  Now that I think about it, they didn't have my chops last week either.  Whats up with that?  My menu still got planned and is set in stone!  Here's what's cooking...

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf

Chicken Street Tacos

Leftover night

Hellmans Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Sausage, Rice and Corn

After yesterdays heavy pizza I needed something light today.  This Lemon Pepper Turkey from a local blogger/photographer, is not only delicious, but its is so easy and everyone loves it!  The boys ask for it at least once a month. OK, probably more than that! I have to double it so there are leftovers to eat too!

Another local blogger shared THIS photo and I knew street tacos were going to happen!  Taco Tuesdays for the win.  Chicken this week.

Has anyone else tried Hellmans Chicken?  So my dad used to make baked fish that he brushed with mayo and then topped with bread crumbs and it was amazing.  This is almost the same thing, but with chicken and parmesan.  Dinner is done in 30 minutes and the chicken breasts are nice and juicy.  No one likes dry chicken!

Sausage, rice and corn is a a dish that Davids mom makes.  Instead of cooking everything separately this is a one pot dish.  Well 2 if you count the rice cooker.  Brown the sausage, add in some frozen corn and then add in cooked rice.  Another quick and easy dinner!

I think all these dinners will be done in 30 minutes or so.  I just realized that and now my week is suddenly looking up!  It may not be the healthiest but this week its all about getting in and out of the kitchen.  There are books to be read and tv to watch.  And lets not even talk about all the laundry that is waiting for me.  Guess Ill get started on that now!

What is cooking in your kitchen this week.  
What are your favorite quick and easy meals?  

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