September 19, 2018

Adventures in Air Frying: SARKI 12 qt. Air Fryer Review

Disclosure:  I was sent this air fryer free, in exchange for a review.  
However all opinions are honest and my own. 

Air Fryers anyone?  It has been almost two years that I have been thinking about them.  Do I want one?  Would I use it?  Where would I put it?  Do I really need it?  Which one would be best for me? So many questions were keeping me from taking the plunge.  This is the SARKI 12 qt. Air Fryer.

The order went in and within a week, I had a big box on my door step.  Huge even.  For a second I was worried that it wasn't going to fit on my counters.  Luckily, it was so big because it was a box, inside a box, inside another box.  The fryer was packed up nice and snug in the middle.  Major points for quick and solid shipping!  

Inside the final box, the air fryer came with 5 attachments and even came with a oven mitt.  There is a pizza pan, a roasting rack, chicken roaster rack, 6.3 qt frying pan and stirring blade.  The stirring blade fits right on the post in the frying pan and if you wan to use the chicken rack, it sits in the grooves on the stirring blades so that the chicken will rotate as it cooks as well!

So what do I love about it?  I love that it cooks things faster than my oven.  It only takes 3 minutes to preheat and it doesn't heat up the whole house.  Clean up is much easier too.  It fits perfectly on my counter and I have a place for it in my cupboard for when I'm not using it.  I also love that it has a digital screen.  I'm a nerd like that!  But mostly I love how well it cooks and crisps everything and with no added oil!

What have I made and what can you make in this bad boy?  Pretty much anything you would make in an oven or deep fry.  Im not going to lie, the first thing ever cooked in rolls.  We made fries a few times too.  This week I have made all things Chicken!  Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Wings and a Rotisserie Chicken.  The teriyaki was cooked perfectly in 25 minutes and was juicy and caramelized.  The wings took  25 minutes and were so crispy. The whole chicken took a whole hour, but it was worth the wait!  Everything has been so good!

What I don't like about it.  To be honest, if I had to pick out a fryer, I would have have a hard time biting the bullet on this one mostly because of the cost.  It is an XL fryer so the price reflects that.  That being said, I'm not sure I could ever go smaller now because even though this is beast, I still had to cook my chicken and wings in batches, because...growing boys and all that.  I would have loved a more detailed instruction booklet with some recipes even.  While looking up recipes and cooking times, I noticed that they were different from what the presets were.  Which isn't such a big deal because you can adjust it, but if there was a way to save new temps and times that would be nice!  Finding things I don't like about this fryer is hard.  Most of these things are just me being picky I think!  But for that price, I feel like a few changes could be made.

I'm very thankful to SARKI for gifting me with this awesome air fryer and I can't wait to see what we make next.  Might have to take a lay off the chicken and branch out a little bit.  Maybe some steak or pork chops.  And pizzas too!

Do you have an air fryer?  Still thinking about it?  Or is it a hard pass for you?
If you have any good recipes you'd like to share, I would love to try them out!  

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