September 17, 2018

Menu Monday: September 17th

After a week of rain and gloominess, it is finally looking like its going to let up!  As much as I love the rain I so miss the sunshine!  Gray skies suck the energy out me and I am going to need some of that back.

The weekend went by way to fast.  Saturday we were supposed to go to the Home and Garden Show, but we were all feeling a little to comfy on the couch, so instead we took care of things around the house, got groceries and ran a few errands.  We did make it to the show on Sunday and had a blast.  We also have a few in home estimates for work we need done in our bathroom and the boys won a few free Karate classes too.  And then on the way out we discovered a Hawaiian restaurant vendor and had some spam musubi.  I was going to get some Kalua Pork and Cabbage but figured if I wait then we have more of a reason to go into their actual restaurant.

Speaking of food.  Heres what we have lined up for this week!  

Chicken Wings

Carne Guisada


Roasted Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Im keeping it pretty easy this week.   I am super excited to make wings in my new air fryer today.  And a whole chicken in it on Thursday!  Did you see what we made last week?  Oh my lord it was good!

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  What should I make in the air fryer next?  Im open to suggestions.  Have a great week everyone!

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