March 26, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { March 26th }

You know what I love?  When the weekend starts to look like a total bust but then redeems itself at the very last minute.  Yes, I love it when that happens.

Saturday we were running around a little crazy.  We woke up later than planned and had to rush to an appointment.  Afterward, we came home and I crashed.  I don't know if it was all the walking I did last week or what, but by that afternoon I was done.  Next thing I know Alex is calling me and asking if we are ever going to get him from Grandmas house.  He had been texting me for 3 hours.  David let me sleep and ordered pizza for him and the boys, only to find out it wouldn't be ready for 2 hours.  David picked up Alex and the pizza got here in half the time, so we called it a win.

Sunday I was up tossing and turning till 4 am.  We planned on going to the Zoo to try out the new camera but turns out everyone had the same idea.  Both parking lots were full, so we tried to find a spot at the park.  Every parking stop and picnic spot was taken.  So we decided to try a new to us burger place for lunch.  No parking.  Went to another restaurant and the line was out the door.  All of San Antonio was out yesterday and it was awesome.  I will admit was was hungry and didn't get to see my snakes so I was a little grumpy but still, everyone was out enjoying all the city has to offer and that's always good!

We ended up coming home and doing some things around the house before going to get some groceries.  I know what you are thinking.  When does the weekend redeem itself, Kim?  After getting all my groceries put away, I threw together a quick dinner and we started winding down for the night.  Once everyone was asleep I was able to get lunches packed and then soak up to my nose is a hot bath before crawling into bed.

Lunches were packed.  Snacks were sorted out.  The kitchen was clean and so was I!  Its the little things that make me happy.  Going to bed knowing I was prepared for the morning, is a win in my book!  Plus, my menu is done!

Cashew Chicken  and Brown Rice Bowls

Street Tacos

BBQ Chicken and Coleslaw

Leftovers/ Clean out the fridge night

Baked Fish and Salads

We are going back to one leftover day a week.  I hate throwing food out and there has been far too much of that going on lately.  Usually, I would do it on Wednesday so we can clean out the fridge before trash day but with Lent, I find it easier to eat all the meat before Friday.  This way we don't have to see meat everytime we open the fridge.  Removing the temptation!

Id love to hear what made it on your menu this week?  What dinner are you looking forward to the most?

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