March 30, 2018

Whats up Weekend { March 30th }

Its been a quiet week around here.  The blog I mean.  Life has been anything but quiet.  Quite a storm blew through this week for sure.  And man am I ever happy its Friday!  The best part is that David is home today too.  The boys didn't feel like hanging out with us cool kids so we are off going to see what trouble we can find while the boys hang out at Grandmas.

In typical Friday fashion, I'm going to share a few moments that made my week before we take off this morning.  What made you happy this week.  Here is what made my list.

Blooming flowers.  I really need to get these in the ground.  Ponchos big butt knocked one of them off the table and I'm hoping the damage isn't too bad.

Handpicked family.  When I told my friend we were going down to one car, she and her hubby quickly stepped in and have been taking Alex to school for me in the mornings.  I had a feeling they would have pulled over if they saw us walking in the morning.

Good food.  We had chicken breast this week and there was not one complaint about dried meat.  Enough said!

Thunderstorms.  When the storms get loud it drowns out all the noise in my head.  I know most people get anxiety with storms but I am the complete opposite.

Girl time.  We had a full house the other day.  3 boys and 4 girls.  Big kids were doing homework and the littles were running around and playing in the tent.  I didn't get the big family that I dreamed so even though it gets loud and crazy, I love it.

Snuggle time.  Chico the Chihuahua is almost 17 years old as much as it hurts my heart to admit it, he is on the downward slope.  Mostly these days he prefers to snuggle up to his big little brother.  And I'm thankful that Poncho is willing to share his bed with him.

Talking Story. I think that's just an island phase but I love just talking with David. I've been told its pretty odd that we talk so much but I can tell the man anything.  Laughing till I cry and crying till I laugh.  His serious self never gets tired of my silliness.

Writing.  I know.  None of its made its way here.  Well, a lot of it is saved in my drafts.  Lots of brain dumping and me thinking things out loud and "on paper."  Who knows, maybe I will share some of it later. But I had forgotten how good it feels to just write it all out.

The Red Road.  I've been laid up on the couch more than Id like to admit this week.  But I found this show on Netflix.  Jason Mamoa always makes the day better!

My Fitbit.  Yes, I broke another one.  But after a day without it, I realized just how much I love it.  Thankfully David gets insurance on everything so I get a new one this weekend.  I also realized I have become a tad obsessed with watching my heart rate and not being able to kinda freaks me out.

So there wasn't anything super amazing this week.  Just little things in life that made me smile or reminders of how blessed we are.  Id love to hear what made you happy this week.

We are planning to have a fun weekend.  Today it's just David and I.  We will grab the boys on the way home for one last Friday fish dinner and then S'mores night.  After all that rain the backyard has blown up and so there will be quite a bit of yard work to get done too.  I am insisting on at least one park run.  The boys have been getting a little too comfortable in front of the TV so its time to get some fresh air and get a little dirty!  What are you up to this weekend?

I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today!  

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