October 5, 2017

Weekend Adventures: The DoSeum

Last weekend, we took the boys to the DoSeum. For you non locals, its our new Children's Museum and it lived up to its name for sure. There is so much to DO there.

This month the DoSeum and the Zoo teamed up and allowed members to swap visits. If you have been around here before you know we spend a lot of time at the San Antonio Zoo so we were really excited about switching it up a little bit this time.  

I knew it was going to be fun. My only worry was that the boys would be to old for a lot of the stuff. Our first stop was The Big Outdoors. The yard was awesome. These two are always trying to climb things. I may or may not have had to beg them to stop trying to scale a Target once because people were looking. So they were in their element here. There is a super cool slide too, but it was being taken over by the "little kids." Are my kids not little any more? What is happening here?

From there we headed into the Spy Academy. I think this was one of their favorite areas. They had a blast and both did great at figuring out some of the clues that were laid out. I lost Anthony for a second when he went undercover with a trench coat and hat. Spy essentials. You know what else spies need? MATH! Their brains got a good workout. The best part was when Alex said "Uh, I think there is someone in the wall!" Then he discovered the secret door! 

David knew this would be my favorite spot as soon as we stepped outside. Bamboo pathways, a tree house, a pond and the coolest reading spot under a huge tree,

Next stop was the Explore Exhibit. We built cities and talked about some of the places we would like to travel to. Global Twister was big hit too!  

We also discovered the musical stairs that took us up to the Innovation Station. The whole upstairs was filled with fun activities. David and Anthony made Robots dance while Alex did a tractor simulator.

But what we really came for was the Little Town. So, years back when Alex was 4 or 5, we went to the old museum that was downtown and he only remembers 2 things about the trip. He got to milk a cow.  It was a statue with udders! And that he got to go grocery shopping with a little cart and everything. And he has been talking about it ever since. So the highlight of the day was ringing up a few orders. Then he was off to check out the bank, trolley, airplane and the rest of the little town. 

There was still so much more to see, and we didn't get to check everything out. But what we did get to we loved. And even though the boys might be growing out of some of the activities, I'm sure we will go back again soon.  

Hey San Antonio! Did you know that the first and third Tuesday of every month is HEB Free Family Night? Admission is free from 5:30 to 7:30pm! Get there early though, because parking can get a little wild!

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