October 6, 2017

Swim, Sharks and Spaghetti??

Its Friday! I am so beyond glad to see it too!  I got half way through yesterday when I realized it was still Thursday!  I also stared at into my freezer trying to figure out what day I skipped dinner because I had an extra pack on chicken in the there. But that was because that day was only Wednesday. Yeah, its been one of those weeks. And now its the weekend!

My laundry is almost done.  My menu is half planned.  My kitchen is clean and tonights dinner just needs to be thrown in the oven. Then tonight after dinner I'm hoping for a movie night or some reading or even an early bedtime. Turns out trying to figure out what day it is, all week long, makes for a very tired Kim.

As crazy as it was, it was a great week!

We had a great weekend.

Anthony started a new Swim Team.  The first day he got stuck with a more advanced class. Warm ups were 200 meters and I think I held my breath the whole time he was swimming. He held his own but I'm so glad hes in the right class now. He is still hurting but he rallied for his next class.

Catching up with old friends. Even if it was because I was worried about them. Being able to pick up right where we left off 17 years ago will never get old.  Plus they already know all the crazy things I have done, so there is zero awkwardness! HA!

Purging. I finally got the bags of clothes and other things cleared out of the garage. Of course it looks like I will have to do it all again soon because these boys are growing like crazy!

Girl time. I love my boys, but hanging out next door and playing with the girls is always fun! I got to be a mermaid and hold the babies. Real and fake ones LOL

At home workouts. Because I haven't been to the gym in forever...

More books. I even got Alex a book on Ebola. For some reason he is interested it this!? And Ponyo.  I didn't even realize it was a Disney Movie. It was one of Alex favorites but someone deleted it off the DVR and he was devastated.  Haven't seen it in about 4 years and he was so happy when he got home from school to see it in the library basket.

Movie nights.  47 meters down. I'm an island girl and love shark movies. Wasn't afraid of the ocean till I left home.  I just scare of stateside oceans I guess. And the deep blue.  Ive only been in the deep blue once. Ill save that wild story for another day!

A dentist that the boys love. He kinda reminds me of John Leguizamo. They just like the balloon animals and treasure box. It could also be the X-Box.  I don't care what it is as long as they are happy to go without a fight!

Carbs. I should have taken a picture.  I sat down for dinner last night. And I ate spaghetti and even had a piece of garlic bread.  For someone who hates spaghetti, it was glorious! Later it was more painful.  What was I thinking?!

That about wraps up the week for me. Now to get dinner in the oven, laundry put away and wait for the big kids! Alex is already 10 minutes into his movie and happy as a clam. Happy Friday Everyone!

Before you go, don't forget to share something that made you happy this week below!

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