October 4, 2017

October Mantras and Goals

My heart is heavy. So much hate, anger, violence and sadness in the world right now. This island girl is missing home more than ever. No guns or drugs. No violence. Just a 3 mile stretch of land surrounded by the most beautiful blue waters and a salty breeze. And a number of beaches to escape to. 

But I'm not home. Instead I'm living in the great state of Texas. There are gangs, drugs, violence and crazy drivers. And the guns, there are plenty of those here too. Our Elementary School was built down the road from gun range and the sound of gun shots is all day everyday. 

I want to wrap my boys in a bubble and keep them safe. Which says a lot, because if you know me, I'm that mom that's all ways encouraging her kids to climb higher and run faster. I'm struggling here.  My anxiety is getting the best of me.

I'm taking a page from my mom files.  These will be my Mantras for this month. To be kind and make people happy. And hopefully that will pull me out of this hole I'm half hiding in. It really is a scary world out there.

Moving on to goals. Sometimes I wonder why I come up with these every month.  Lord knows I never get it all done.  But I'm here and I'm trying and if that isn't good enough well, to bad!  Seriously though, I debated making goals. 

Septembers Goals
  • Pay off more medical debt.  One down a few more to go.  
  • Cross a few things of the house to do list. I did write a list of things to be done. LOL
  • Schedule all my labs, procedures and appointments on time. Yeah, about that...
  • Spend more time with the boys.
  • Date night. Well that didn't happen.
  • But something for myself.
  • Get back to writing for myself. Complete fail here.
  • Read 5 books
  • Purge closets again.
  • Reconnect with a few people.

Ok I didn't exactly crush them, but I marked a few off and put a good dent some of the others. I am down one medical bill.  Sadly its just the one, but its one out of the pile for now.  

We wrote out the list and budget for our to do list around the house. That was fun. NOT. 

I need to get my labs done.  My foot stopped hurting so I haven't called about that and I really need to find a new family Dr. But my scans and stuff are scheduled.

And I did zero extra writing last month. If at first you don't succeed, try again.

October Goals
  • Read 2 books.
  • Try 4 new recipes.
  • Share more liver stories.
  • Fall back in love with Instagram.
  • Step out of my comfort zone.
I'm keeping it easy this month! Two books should be easy and if I try one new recipe a week, I'm good on those two goals. 

October is National Liver Awareness Month and I'm thinking about continuing my "road to transplant" story.  I shared my Transplant Evaluation Story. Next, I guess would be the waiting? Its been 7 years so, I could probably break it up a bit. I don't know. We will see. 

Instagram was always my favorite platform but lately, so much of it feels staged. I miss the days when people used social media to be social. Its probably me just being crazy. I really should come out of my hole. 

And that's why I chose to end my goals with stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm almost excited about that one. Not sure what it will be but fingers crossed I find something worth jumping for.

Stop by the link up below and see what goals others are setting for October! 

If you could accomplish one thing this month, what would it be?

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