October 1, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: October 2nd


Wasn't it just August? I know that once school starts, the rest of the year flies bye but this year it seems to be in warp speed.  Whats the rush? I think its just because we are so busy. And its only going to be busier with boy boys in swim on different days. Thankfully we have a few weeks of just one swimming to prepare ourselves.

We had a great weekend.  Spent most of Saturday at the Children's Museum. Had an early dinner, we all took naps then got our grocery shopping out of the way. Sunday was all about football and cleaning.

Last weeks menu was pretty light. This week the boys all requested more filling meals so this week is looking a little more carb filled than usual. Which is fine because after last week, I realized I hardly ever eat dinner anyways. I honestly forget, I make the guys plates and usually just start putting the food away and cleaning the kitchen. On swim nights, I have a smoothie on the way to the Y.  Last Thursday, David was working late, so I figured I would sit and eat with the boys. I made my plate, sat down and realized they were both staring at me. It was the first time all week I had sat for dinner.  I really need to work on that. 

So the only new recipe this week is the Turkey and Green Bean Stir Fry. The rest of the week is mostly just comfort food.  Last week it rained ALL week. This week we should get rain only Tuesday and Wednesday. So Chili will be perfect for a rainy day and then for lunch the next day. They love having something warm for lunch. 

Did you notice that the "Clean our the Fridge Night" is missing? Come Friday last week, there was next to nothing left in the fridge. Growing boys! Kid comes in to the kitchen and asks whats for dinner. I said leftovers and he says "oh....I think we ate them after school!" Like all of them kid?! So, that was nice while it lasted. But I knew they wouldn't stay little forever right. Bigger kids, bigger appetites. Maybe we will have leftover Saturdays. Much better than eating crap food while we are out and about. I told David I was going to just start packing a cooler full of food.  We are always running around and its so easy to just stop and grab something. I really need to start planning weekend food and stop winging it. Time to rework the menu and budget I guess!  

Whats on your menu this week?  How many days a week do you cook at home?

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