October 29, 2017

Menu Plan Monday {October 30th}

And just like that October is over.  Almost anyways.  This month might have flown bye but it left me with a lot to figure out.  Fall brings changes that I'm not quite ready for.  But nothing I can't work with.  I just really suck at change. 

This summer when we joined the YMCA I was super excited.  I was there 3 times a week plus on the weekends with David.  My doctors are always telling me that I need to lose weight.  Well 3 months in the gym and a change in diet, brought me down 7 pounds and feeling like I was dying.  I really pushed myself and even though they said I would feel better, by the time school started I had nothing left.  Plus a change in my diet (more veggies and less meat) landed me with weekly lab work because everything was out of whack.  School started and I cut back on the gym, my appetite fell off the end of the earth, I dropped 3 more measly pounds and have been taking my medication every day.  I still feel half alive.  And now it seems like my heart has something to say, so while I wait to get that checked out, I'm at a stand still.  More change is coming.  I can feel it.  I will deal with it when it gets here.  But on this chilly morning, I really needed some reminding that just because the plan changes, the goal is still the same.  Its not about weight or inches, its about being as healthy as I can be.  

My menu however is set in stone!  Totally kidding.  There is always the chance I forget what day it is and make the wrong dinner.  So then its written in sand?  What every!  Its planned.  Early even!  That's all that matters!

MONDAY (swim)

TUESDAY  (swim)
  • Tacos

  • Green Chili Chicken
  • Broccoli

  • Spaghetti
  • Salads


It's shaping up to be a really easy week in the kitchen.  Which works for me.  We had a super chill weekend and I'm hoping the week goes pretty much the same.  We will most likely skip swim on Tuesday and go trick or treating instead.  The boys used to love Halloween but the older they get, the less excited they get.  Anthony says he will just throw his horse head back on and Alex asked if I could just pain his face.  There is a 90% chance we will walk two blocks and hang out the rest of the night at Grandmas! 

🎃 What are you and your littles going to be for Halloween? 🎃

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