October 29, 2017


The end of the month crept up on me.  A few more blinks and it will be November.  I love October but I can't say I am sad to see it go.  After all, November is my favorite of all the months in the year.  So I'm wrapping October up and sending it on its way!

Currently watching:  Just finished Longmire and started Spartacus and Stranger Things is back!

Currently reading:  Just picked up Any Day now by Robin Carr

Currently wishing:  My 12 year old could see just how smart and awesome he is.  No matter how much we tell him, he cuts himself off at every corner.

Currently wondering:  If better communication is worth switching Transplant Clinics.

Currently listening to:  This song.  Seriously love me some Lumineers!  I still need to see Pete's Dragon too!

Currently loving: The cold front that is visiting this weekend.  Its amazing.

Currently hating:  Carpets.  I'm so over carpet floors.

Currently looking forward to: Alexs music program next week. Hes been singing and singing for weeks.

Currently Planning:  My Thanksgiving week.  Food, fun, where everyone is going to sleep.  I'm so excited to see my little brother and his family!

Currently Writing:  I have been getting a lot of emotional junk out of my head.  Not sure how much will actually get posted, but its been nice to get it all off my chest.  Also David is teaming up with me to write a Christmas Tech Wishlist, which should be fun.

I think that about wraps the October up.  Bring on November and all the fun that will come with it!  I would love to hear what everyone else is up to.  Happy Fall Y'all!

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