November 3, 2017

Whats Up Weekend {November 3rd}

Its Friday and that in itself makes me happy.

Friday means that today, after the boys are home and dinner is done, I can carry myself to bed and sleep.  I'm not sure why, but it has become a thing.  Knowing that everyone is under one roof and that David will still be home in the morning, makes sleep come easy. Its become my Friday night thing.

Fridays around here are about reflecting and refocusing.  This week was a struggle, but by going back and taking a good look at it, I love being able to see what things were great and what things need more work.  This week has given me some things to think about for sure.

We took a trip to the Zoo.  It was crazy busy because it was the last day of the Halloween Celebration, and we were going to miss the Cowboys game, but we went anyways.  We didn't see the baby Hippo and the new python that I really wanted to see was hiding behind  a rock.  But when we were walking out, Alex asked if I would take his picture with some of the cactus.  We often joke about how Alex is so much like me.  We find comfort in the same things.  And after about 10 minutes I realized David and Anthony had left.  I knew they would only be right outside the gates, so I let Alex walk around, snapped some pictures of him.  And waited for him to be done admiring it all.  After one more picture, he hopped off the rock and said " You always stay behind with me and let me just be."  Little moments like that make my heart so happy. Little did he know I was dreading the walk to the car, and he was actually waiting with me.

Keeping dinners easy this week was genius.  The Ground Turkey and Zucchini was really good.  I think I will have to put it in the usual rotation.  I think what I love most is that you can easily swap things out.  The boys don't care about how fancy dinners are.  They don't care if its on the table at 5 or if its hot or cold.  Their biggest smiles come when I get to sit with them.  Ive not done that very often because I have not been eating dinner, but I will make a bigger effort to join them at the table.  And maybe even have a plate, because it turns out that seeing me eat brings makes them as happy as seeing them eat well makes me. 

Halloween was a win.  The boys were more excited about candy than having new costumes.  Alex was all for some fake cuts and lots of blood.  Anthony just threw on his horse head and had a blast.  I always love to see this kid, just be a kid.  He has been so serious lately!  And a little moody.  Gotta love pre teens.

I am going to put this week behind me.  I need need to finish up my grocery list, pick up a little and get dinner started.  Then I have a date with a hot... cup of tea and a book.  

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What do you have planned for the weekend?  It looks like we will have kids over Saturday.  There is talk of Thor on Sunday morning and dinner next door to talk Disney and wrap up the weekend.  Somewhere in there I plan on resting and reading.  

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