October 28, 2017

Whats Up Weekend {October 27th}

Its a little late, yes I know but this is the first time since Sunday night that I'm sitting down in front of my computer.  I pretty much spent the week either in bed or on the couch.  Thankfully, and thanks to swim 4 days this week, the week flew bye!  Friday is almost over too.  The boys were ready for bed as soon as the sun went down and it will be a miracle if I stay up much longer. I'm exhausted. But in typical Friday fashion, I need to share some happiness before I go.  So is a quick list of this weeks highlights.

Playing in the street after school.  When 5 more minutes runs about an hour late!  Every time!

Finding little notes Dad had written me over the years.  They seem to pop up just when I need them.

My "Liver Friends" on FaceBook.  Sure I put my life in my doctors hands, but talking to people who know exactly what I'm talking about, really helps clear things up for me.

My other husband.  Poor Poncho.  When I am sick, he is always on watch.  I wake up to him just resting his head next to me.  Or if I have my back to him, he will nudge me until I turn around and tell him I am fine.

Netflix.  I know I say this like every other week but its about all I could do this week and I still watched with one eye closed.  I just started Spartacus.  Holy blood and gore.  Sheesh!

Lunch on the patio with this guy.  Just like every other dude in this house, he sure can pack away some food.  

I'm so glad my boys have Davids parents as Grandparents.  They are always on call and are the best grandparents a mother could wish for her kids.  

Security Cameras.  We initially got them to keep an eye on the dogs, but I think now days they are used more to keep an eye on me.  Kim Cam?  I think being able to check in on me helps keep Davids BP down. 

Swim.  I love swim.  Alex loves swim.  Anthony, well, not so much. Four days might have been a bit much this week.

Having my Best B right next door.  You know those people who even though you have only known them a short time, it feels like you have known them forever.  Keeping friends when you are chronically ill, is hard. I know I am beyond blessed to have a friend like her. Today our kids were playing and I hear them discussing family.  One says "I think we are pretty much family!"  Not by blood but... and Alex says "we are NOT married either, but yeah, we are like a chosen family!" 

Talking with Anthony about "life stuff."  We got through some super tough conversations this week. Pre Teens have some pretty crazy questions but I'm so thankful that he can ask me these things and that we managed to laugh our way through the embarrassing stuff.

Google home.  I laughed when David got it, and now I really make the poor thing work.  "Hey Google, set the timer 10 minutes so I don't forget Koopa is soaking"  "Hey Google, wake me up in one hour." "Hey Google remind me to take my meds in 5 minutes!" "Hey Google, turn off the lights." The best part is that I don't even have to get off the couch or lift a finger.  Which came in handy this week.

So pretty much this week has been a reminder that even when it seems like I won't make it through the week, I always do.  Some weeks it takes more help than others, but I made it.

This weekend is going to be a chilly one.  Stranger Things is back, so Im sure the 4 of us will be huddled on the couches to binge a few episodes of that and at some point we will have to go grocery shopping.  Tomorrow is the Community Fall Festival and the boys are looking forward to that.  Who knows what Sunday will bring us.

What do you have planned this weekend?  Something fun?  Or will it be a relaxing one? 

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