August 11, 2017

Boys, Balance and Birthdays

It's been a quiet week around here. Real life has been loud and a little out of control. With two weeks of Summer vacation left, tension is rising and the boys are getting a little wound up. They are stuck between excitement over the new school year and fighting the earlier bed times. We have been easing back into our school routine and it's been rough! We will get there though.

I started the week off with my 35th Birthday. David so sweetly reminded me that I'm halfway to 70! No harm done here, I'm excited about that.  Plus hes 2 years ahead of me anyways.  Speaking of David, I will start this weeks happiness with him.

I'm beyond thankful, happy and proud of this man. We spend 90% of our time together laughing.  Not going to like the other 10% goes to me trying to pick a fight with him and him proving yet again, that he has the patience of a saint. And even though he constantly puts his foot in his mouth, like when he told me he kinda likes my illness, I love him anyways. What he really was trying to say was that he likes laughing with me when I get a little silly and it was just a reminder that he would stick with me through it all.

While David was busy trying on clothes the boys and I were checking out the sunglasses. I heard the sweet little voice ask "Anthony, will you please try on these glasses with me?" and I held my breath. These two have been having a hard time finding common ground. Aside from being brothers, they are complete opposites. Anthony has hit that phase where he isn't to excited about playing nice with his little brother. Little brother however things he is the coolest person IN THE WHOLE WORLD. And so for just a second, they had something else in common. I'm glad I made them take a picture. Love these two something fierce.

Its French Fry Friday! I have been waiting all week for these. Baked till they are crispy. Grocery shopping was under budget and the boys have not gone through all the food yet either so it's all a win. 

I used to wonder how the hell people hit the gym every day. And then I missed a whole week and got my butt kicked this week. My Dr said that if I would just push myself, I wouldn't be so tired. I'm pushing, sometimes probably a lot more than I should. And all I'm getting is more tired. And yes, I just posted a gym picture after I talked about french fries. Balance people! Don't judge me!

This sweet girl turns 5 today! I was there for her very first breath, we share a middle name and a piece of my heart. (As do all my other nieces and nephews) This week she started Kindergarten. I miss her so much but I am praying I will get to hug her and meet her brother and sister in a few months! Happy Birthday Jamisen. Auntie loves you to the moon!

This was supposed to be a quick/short post. Nice try Kim. Oh well. It has really been a good week despite everything else that's going on. But I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We didn't make it to the beach last weekend and I'm not sure if we will this week, but a girl can hope!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anything fun to celebrate the end of Summer Break? Whatever it is you do, make sure it makes you happy!  

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