August 6, 2017

Menu Plan: August 7th

I'm not sure if it's because summer is coming to an end, the boys are growing or there are people living in the closets that come out to eat when I'm not looking, but we had next to zero leftovers this week. Usually there is enough for a clean out the fridge day. Come Friday, we were out of everything, even cheese! So this week I'm cooking all 5 days. And will be sure to grab some extra fruit and veggies to stash in the snack drawer.

We have three new recipes again this week. 

The Turkey and Green Bean Stir Fry looks simple enough. I've never done a stir fry with ground meat, so it will be interesting but it's spicy so the boys should be happy. They have been killing me with the spice lately always telling me to turn up the heat. 

There is the Honey Sriracha Chicken that looks amazing. Another spicy dish... I have tried a few other things from Rasa Malaysia and loved them so far. This one shouldn't disappoint either.

Somethings just sound better in another language. I originally wrote Mexican Stew, as it is titled in the recipe, but then I saw that it in Spanish it is called Guisado de Res. Just like the Arroz con Pollos, I used to call it just chicken and rice. Its funny because people usually think I'm Spanish and I cant even roll my Rs enough to say Arroz. It just looks better written that way! 

So, tell me how you feel about spicy food? I used to be such a chicken and refuse to eat anything even a tad spicy, but the more the boys ask for it, the more I make it and like it. I'm not about to eat a pepper straight up, but I did put some hot pico on my barbacoa this morning! Watch out!

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