July 16, 2017

Menu Plan: July 17th

You know those weeks where you walk around and wince at every noise because you know that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong? Where you're not so much waiting for the other shoe to drop, but watching it slowly come down and praying it doesn't hit you.  Yeah, that was my week.

Thursday night, I went to clean the shower and realized that our shower pan is cracked.  The shower that we recently paid off after having to replace it when we bought the house.  Friday, my doctors appointment went OK.  She was not super thrilled about the way my Transplant team is going about my gallbladder problem and my eating (or lack of).  And I am still on weekly blood draws so boo to that. I went to the gym, but my mind just wasn't into it, after an hour I quit and took the boys swimming instead.  When we got home from the gym I was still heated. Literally, it was hot, like the AC was turned off or something.  More like broken. Yes, the second thing we put in brand new when we moved in. That shoe did drop.  Knocked me right on my butt too!

And the Pharmacy called.  Medications are ready.

Yesterday marked the 5 year since Dads been gone. He would have been my first call after everything fell apart. He would have calmed me down. He probably would have laughed at me and asked me if this was the worst thing that has ever happened. Then reminded me that we have lived without AC before. Or asked me if I remembered showering with a bucket full of rain water and a cup when we went to visit my Grandparents. OK yes, things could be worse. It would be so much more reassuring if I could hear him say that.

So here we are, Sunday afternoon.  The boys are at Grandmas.  David is at work and I am breathing. The house is not unbearable. I still have a giant bathtub and the other shower. The AC guys will be here tomorrow and I'm praying that it's a quick and easy fix because the shower, I already know will be costly.  Medications should be reasonable too. Life goes on.

I'm not quite as prepared for the week as I want to be but my menu is done.  Gotta start somewhere! Right?

I'm thinking I will lay on the couch for a bit and catch up on some TV while I have the house to myself. Cleaning can wait till tonight after everyone goes to bed. The house stays cleaner longer that way! 

Here is to hoping this week turns things around. Or better yet, here's to making the most of it no matter what happens!

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