July 23, 2017

Menu Plan: July 24th


Thats about the only thing around here the past few days. It was a crazy week. David was on a new schedule and our AC going out...again. Everyone thinks Im joking when I say I have crap luck. This is why David insists on cars with full warranty and everything and anything else for that matter. Now if only our health insurance would cooperate. HA, a girl can dream.

It's just me, David and the 4 leggeds until the air is back on. We bought a window unit to cool our bedroom and have pretty much spent the whole weekend in here. I read and finished a whole book and David watched the whole season of a show on Netflix. We only left the room if we were taking the dogs out, getting something to eat, doing laundry or leaving. Times like these I am thankful for marrying my best friend. We were stuck in a tiny room and no one got hurt. To be honest, we actually enjoyed it.

The boys are hanging out at Grandmas and having a blast. The dogs are super happy to crash in our room. Koopa is a different story. With the house being warmer, the temps in his terrarium are all over the place, so instead of leaving his lights on a timer, I have had to monitor the temperature and shut off his heat when it gets to high. He is also getting a good soak everyday until it cools off and we can go back to every other day. But hes happy as a clam. Burying himself to stay cool and coming out and enjoying a meal. Enjoying it so much he has to nap in his food dish after eating.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and David pulled me out of bed to go grocery shopping. He made a breakfast run this morning because I refused to leave to eat. We didn't really have any high food expectations this weekend. There was cup o noodle involved. Maybe a little Panda Express. There was just no way I was warming up the oven or standing over the stove. I am going to have to work double at the gym this week. Bring on the cardio.

I'm pretty sure our electricity bill will be double because of the AC trouble and since it's only going to be the two of us until further notice, the menu is super simple. All meals that will not take more than 30mins. And if it's really unbearable, I will be going next door and cooking there. I have the best friends.

Life man! It just never stops. But then again, neither will I.  I have no appointments or labs this week! So I am going to count that as a win. Its Anthony's last week of level 4 swim and his coach says he is all set to move up. Davids birthday is on Saturday. In the long run, I have so many good things lined up that no matter what, it's bound to be a pretty good week.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that yall are prepared for the week ahead. Bring on Monday. 

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