July 10, 2017

Monday Motivation and July Goals

So here we are a week into July and I'm finally getting around to setting some goals for the month. Typical Kim, always late to the party! But hey, at least I show up!

Something tells me it is going to take every ounce of energy to get through this week. I will get there, but it might be a little iffy come Thursday or Friday. Lots of motivation will be needed that's for sure.

I don't know why I have been feeling so negative lately.  Extra hard on myself. And I get so angry when my illness gets in the way that I give up on myself. And I let it win. I know I need to push myself but sometime it just feels pointless if it's only going to make things worse. In the long run it will be better, but getting through the day to day is the hard part. Does that even make sense?

The problem with setting goals is I know that as soon as I do, life will happen. I will get sick or something will go wrong with something. There are so many things I want to do. So much more I need to do. I hate always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But that is life with chronic illness, you just never know when you are gonna get knocked down. This month's goals are not so much challenging but they are goals nonetheless. 

Curb the negative comments.
Get to the gym 4 days a week.
Make time for my medication.
Be in bed by midnight.
Do something nice for someone.

Be more patient with the boys.
Send some just because mail.
Call someone and catch up.
Don't leave dishes till the morning.
Read 2 books.
Worry less. Breath more.

We just got home and it's already time for me to get dinner started. Thankfully its a quick dinner and should be done right about the time my meds kick in. That's right, I'm taking meds in the middle of the day because that's the only time I had today. No excuses, I have to take them. I sweat like a beast today at the gym and hopefully between that and the medication I will be ready for bed when the sun goes down. Tomorrow its meds in the morning so that I am alive for Swim but that means waking up before the sun to take them. It is what it is. Did you hear that? Oh that was just me breathing the worries away. I got this. Bring it on!

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