June 2, 2017

Swimming, Sorrys and Sleeping In

It's Friday morning.  The boys are in their rooms playing.  The dogs are lying down next to me sleeping the day away.  It's as quiet as most days around here but today, the boys are home. Friday's around here are all about things that made me happy this week. It was a short week, and it flew by so fast.  But was it happy?

Lets see.

We joined the YMCA.  It was Grandmas idea but she was trying to join so she could get the boys swimming lessons.  Bless that woman.  So we are members now.  Signing the boys up for lessons this weekend and on Sunday, David and I have fitness evaluations.  That should be interesting. The boys will also do an orientation so they can learn how to use some of the machines too.

Wednesday was my MRI.  Or my failed attempt at one. But it worked out because I took a nice long nap while they tried to fix the machine. The tech was all "so sorry to for you to wait all this time, get an IV and then not be able to do the tests." I'm good dude.  It might have only been a cat nap but I slept hard! LOL

And then there was the last day of school. Good grief that makes me so happy. They were fighting less than 2 minutes after Anthony got on the bus but, that is just life with kids. I love Summer!

So that brings us to today. Everyone slept in. They climbed in my bed for a bit before we got up for the day. It must have been almost 10am.

We are being lazy today.  I think I will take a book and a smoothie out to the hammock in a little bit. I'll have to move the hammock so the boys won't hit me when they play soccer this time.

What brought you happiness this week.  What made you smile?  Tell me below.  Happiness is to fun to keep all to yourself.  The world needs more of it, so spread it every chance you get!

Have a great weekend!!

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