June 5, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: June 5th

Who does a girl have to talk to about getting the weekends extended? Because they just go bye way to fast! Hey! It's Friday. *blink* Sunday.... I hate that.  I love that we have more time with David home these days during the week, but I love that the 4 of us get to hang out on the weekends. At least until it's too cool for the boys.

This weekend we snuck in a trip to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Loved it. Anthony spent some of his birthday money on a bat and balls. So that meant right after he paid, he had to go straight to the field practice. A few hours in the Texas heat was enough to wear us out. David and I finished Bloodline. I still don't even have the words. They say it's the last of it, but they better be joking, because that just isn't right!

Sunday brought us the usual last minute errands, menu planning and grocery shopping. I think I managed to stock the house enough to get me though at least Wednesday before anyone is starving. But that would mean we are down to frozen burritos and popsicles, which I am sure the poor boys could survive off of for a few days. I kid. Food always goes by faster during the summer. I have no real complaints as long as it's eaten. No wasting food.

We decided that Sunday shopping has got to stop. It was just way to crowded in there today. Granted that store is always busy. Fridays might work. If anything it will keep us from running to Bill Millers for tacos on the weekend! Mmmm, tacos! I might have just gotten spoiled with HEB curbside. All in all it was a win because I was still under budget and managed to get some summer junk food for the boys.

So begins the very first week of summer vacation. I don't know what kind of trouble we will get in or where to start. Well actually it will start with signing the boys up for swim and then having lunch with a friend. Sounds innocent enough to me!  

Bring on the new week.  What's on your menu this week? Trying anything new? I've never had cashew chicken but I hear it's a good take out dish.  I'm excited to try it.

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