June 1, 2017

First day of June. Last day of School!

The day is finally here!  The last day I mean. Today is the last day of school! I have seen so many people saying how much they dread the end of school. I feel like all my stress is gone. My boys will be home. Sure we have already had an argument over how much time will be spent on electronics and what must be done first to earn them, but they will be home. Even on the bad days, I know I am blessed to spend time with them.

This year was a big one for both boys. Things completely flipped between them.  

While previous years had been full of tears and frustration for Alex, this year he was 100% engaged and excited just about every day. Gone were the days of watching him walk into class with tears in his eyes. Instead he would come home from school and tell me about things he was learning. Many times we would talk about these things for days. When he was sick and had to stay home, he was sad to miss out. He would get home and knock out his homework without any problems. Most days anyways. But I think all in all, this was his best year yet.

Anthony however went from being able to breeze through work and not having to work hard to keep his grades up to being challenged to tears some nights. All through elementary school he stood out among his friends. In middle school he got lost in the crowd, unless he was being bullied. Seeing him anxious and afraid to get on that bus every morning was heartbreaking but he never let any of the negative stop him. Every morning he pumped himself up and did his best. And I am so proud of him for it. Sure he struggled. And for the first time ever he didn't make the honor roll. But I know he gave it everything he had and that is what matters.

This year things were different for me too. I was less involved in school with the boys too. I didn't have lunch with Anthony.  At all.  His choice, not mine. And I only had a handful of lunch visits with Alex. I did make it to all his class parties so there is that. But most of the year I was pretty much stuck in bed or on the couch. Struggling to keep my head above water and even though I know I have my reasons, I also feel like I failed them. This year really got the best of me. I am determined to make it up this summer. You win some, you lose some right? I'm just happy to have more time with them.

June is shaping up to be a great month and I am determined to kick off Summer Break with a bang! For starters, we are now officially members of the Y. Lord help me I haven't been in a gym since high school. The boys said they were nervous about going, I assured them I was just as nervous. So we have decided that we will be partners. I love them to pieces! Being the new girl in the gym is never fun and I have seen so many shame stories that I will be shaking in my sneakers. Lord help me.

I am still putting together our Summer Bucket List but first, I need to get my house together.  A few days of not feeling well means, there are still dishes in the sink and laundry in the dryer.  Here's to starting off the break with a little organized mess.  Anyone have big Summer Plans?  Summer Bucket Lists?  Have an awesome Thursday!  

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