June 9, 2017

Summertime and the livin's easy

The first week of summer break is over and we are ready for the weekend! So,what did we end up doing this week?  Nothing on our bucket list, but we had a great week. We are calling it our grace week to prepare for the summer fun.  In other words, the boys ate everything, were super rowdy and I tried my best to remind myself that next week we would stay busier.

But first we Friday. That means, I get the house cleaned up to prepare for the Munoz Madness that hits every weekend. Come Sunday night, it never fails. My house looks like a tiny tornado blew through it. Friday also means I take a few minutes to sit down and share some of my happiness. Some weeks are harder than others, but this week is easy. My heart is full.

Signing the boys up for swim lessons.

Sunshine for a few days.

Hanging out with my baby sister.

Getting up to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

First swim of summer.

Gummy Bears.

Early morning kisses.

Otter Pops.

Stepping to the a gym and not dying.

Seeing photos of the water back home.

The boys and I spent the day reading and hanging out. My meds have worn me out so I will be taking a nap before the fun starts tonight. One of our favorite things about the Y is that it has a library in it. The boys picked out two books for me yesterday. One because it had a Great Dane on the cover and the other because they know I love me some Janet Evanovich. I think tomorrow will be spent reading out back. And I'm sure at some point we will end up out on some kind of adventure. You just never know with these guys! Who has fun plans for the weekend?  What are you guys up to?  Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy!

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