June 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: June 12th

Last week I was a little sad to see the weekend end.  This week, as much as my brain is fighting it, something inside me is excited for a new week.  Its shaping up to be quite the week too. Just between keeping the boys busy and dog sitting, we will have our hands full.

Great Dane loves water

Leroy came to me as a foster puppy a now lives about 10 minutes away. He is by far the goofiest dog to tumble through our doors. He loves water, hated the lawn mower and is seriously the funniest dog ever. He was also the mouthiest according to my window sills. Poncho and Chico are probably going to hate me. Leroy is the complete opposite of their lazy. He loves to play and hardly ever lays down when hes here, but now they can play and all wear themselves out. Works for me. I kept the menu super easy this week because I'm expecting most of our days will include dogs and kids jumping in the sprinklers!

I figured that while we are trying to stay busy, keeping the menu easy was a good idea. Who am I kidding? The menu is pretty easy every week. Not one but two new dishes this week.  This Healthy Kung Pao Chicken, that looks super good and is done in 20 minutes! Winning. I'm throwing these Wine and Garlic Braised Country Ribs in to shake things up a bit. In other words, we are getting a little tired of chicken. I thought about trying a veggie lasagna but somethings are perfect how they are and a little pasta never killed anyone right? And of course Lemon Pepper Turkey because the love that stuff. I don't think there is an easier recipe than this one. Ground turkey, lemon juice and pepper. Easy peasey lemon squeezy. Literally!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  What did y'all do?  We had dinner with friends, went to see Wonder Woman, did some yard work and pretty much kept busy all weekend.  And can I just say, Wonder Woman was awesome!! Even the boys loved it!

Here's to hoping a busy week pasts bye faster!  Happy Monday!

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