May 3, 2017

Hard Candy and Mom Guilt

If you play in the rain you will get pneumonia!

Don't cross your eyes or they will get stuck like that!

If you go swimming after eating you will get a cramp and drown!

Kids can't eat hard candy. They will choke on it!

Yeah.  About that last one.  Dad drilled this one into our heads pretty good. He also told us Fresca would kill us but let us a big knifes to cut veggies. Hmmmm.

Yesterday we went to watch a friends play. Well her daughter's play. And while we waited, I popped a butterscotch in my mouth. Alex asked if he could have one and I let him. I mean, we were just sitting there. He wasn't laying down or running around. He is 8 and I figured I would let him just this once. A few seconds later he tapped me on the shoulder and said "I swallowed it!" I told him to go ask David to get him a drink of water and watched them walk off. It wasn't until I saw that David was calling me that I realized it might have been a bit more serious.

I took off running out of the school. Immediately telling myself I was a horrible mother. Why did I say yes? Why did I dismiss him like that? WHY?

My boys have kept me on my toes since they were born. But I have never been an over worrier. I was not the mom that freaked out over every fall or the one who hovered as they climbed the jungle gym. I don't make big deals over bumps and bruises. But I think last night after I tucked him in ... and then woke up him to make sure he was OK, I questioned myself completely. My confidence in myself as a mother was taken out by a piece of candy!
FYI:  Alex is OK.  

When I got outside, he could breath fine but said it was still stuck in his throat. He drank some water and I talked to a friend who is an EMT about it. Her daughter was given a tootsie roll when she was little and hat do have surgery to remove the candy and her tonsils! By the time we got home, he was better. Scared and his throat is still a little sore but he is OK. I am not.

Emotions have been running high for me the past few weeks and I think this just did me in. After sending them off to school this morning and having some more time to let my life choices settle in, my heart has stopped beating so fast.

I don't ever give my boys hard candy. I hardly ever give them candy period. But I had a sweet tooth the other day and got some butterscotch candies. I am pretty sure they have been banned from my life. Like forever!

I think I will try to take a nap and catch a few of the Z's I lost last night. If anything it will help 3pm get here sooner. Lord knows I am itching to hug that kid right about now!

This mom guilt is no joke.

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