May 5, 2017

Long Drives, Late Nights and A Lot of Coffee

I love having my boys home from school.  I get just as excited about their no teacher work days as they do. But the what is the point of the half days? Why not just combine them and give us a whole day off?  Half days, mess with my head. Just me?

Early mornings and late nights have me a bit slow today. But I did get a nap in once everyone was home. I just got the most beautiful wreath for my door from my friend. I LOVE IT! Totally just made my day! My whole month!

And since it's Friday, here are a few other things that have made me happy this week!

My wildflower seeds from Cheerios

Long weekend drives in the hills.

Blooming hibiscus flowers.

Late night rainstorms and hail.

Alex's obsession with french knitting.

13 Reasons Why with David after the boys go to sleep.

Hugs from a friend I haven't seen in awhile.

Blue Mascara. I haven't seen this stuff since High School :)

The Galapagos series with the boys before school.

Coffee.  Oh how I missed coffee.

Who has awesome plans for the weekend? Fingers crossed we will be heading out to the park again tomorrow and hopefully we can get there before it hits capacity.  It's a huge park, I don't get how it could be full.  We have been to other parks and though it was busy so I can only imagine how many visitors it takes to close a park down. Anyways!

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