May 1, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: May 1st

New week. New month. New menu.  New goals.

May is a pretty good month for us.  Between Birthdays, Mother's Day and the countdown to Summer Break, not a whole lot gets done.  I love it.

I got my groceries this morning and put everything put away. I split up my meat into meal portions and got them in the freezer. Now all I need to do is prep my produce for the week and Im ready to go.  My menu is pretty simple this week.  No new recipes, but that's because I have a few new goals that I want to focus on instead.  As well as catch up on things around the house.  I keep purging and tossing things out, but the closests seem to be magically filling up as soon as I turn my back!  What gives?

So starting with my menu...

Weekly Menu

This month is going to be all about getting right with life. Last month left me drained and anxious. One thing I have learned about life with chronic illness is that nothing ever stays the same. I was doing so well and feeling great and then boom. It felt like someone pulled the rug out from underneath me and I landed on my ass. Hard. And so now, I have to put myself back together and really push myself forward. I am determined to stay positive and patient this month. And to meet my goals.

  • Stay under budget on groceries
  • Wake up and go to bed earlier.
  • Get next weeks menu planned early.
  • Get Anthonys Birthday present.
  • Be more intentional in all I do.

I will be going more into depth on these goals later on this week.  The hows and whys kinda thing.  But right now, I need to tackle the mess that is my house. Not sure what happened, but it seems the laundry fairy must have missed us last week. So time to bump the music and get to work. How is it already 12:30? Gotta run!

Question of the day:
What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend?  

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