March 24, 2017

Road trips, reptiles and sibling rivalry

What a week. I had a post written up yesterday for National Puppy Day, and then puppies happened and I didn't sit back down again until dinner. It was the first time all week I had dinner. Well technically I sat down to have dinner the night before but mostly I just pouted until David ate the little bit of food I had in my bowl. I have survived of cutie oranges this week.  Like I said, it's been quite the week.But still there has been all sorts of things to be happy about. Like...

Road Trips and coming home after a few days away. Even though everything didn't go as planned, we had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house.  Not having to clean or cook was a plus too!

Watching Alex make his own little vlogs while we were running around Houston.  He really loves making videos and I might just have to give in and post a few, because he cracks me up! Guys, he actually walked through Best Buy and Walmart, recording himself.

The new digital timer for Koopa. Not having to worry about turning his lights on and off on time, makes my life so much easier.  It's the little things!

A trip to the park and s'mores. It was a little tease of summer.  I can't wait.

Laughing with David. Laughing at David because he is laughing at me.  Laughing at myself, because sometimes I crack myself up. I laugh at just about everything.  Laughing makes me happy.

Friends who love my boys like their own.  And whose girls I love as my own.  This week Anthony's gym locker was broken into and everything stolen.  Even his deodorant.  The school replaced the shorts, hes getting new gym shoes this weekend and his other Momma replaced his deodorant. I have never seen deodorant make anyone so happy!

Talking to my big brother.  Sometimes when my boys are fighting, they remind me of us when we were little. He is going through a really rough patch right now and I love that he calls me everyday to let me know how things are going. Then I remind myself that if the two of us can still be friends then my boys will be ok too. And once he gets through this, he will be too!

Puppies. My new foster puppies, Coco and Colt have got to be the easiest puppies I have ever had.  They sleep great, eat a ton and keep each other entertained. I love the way they work so hard for Ponchos attention.  Colt is just what I imagine Poncho was like as a puppy.

One last thing for this week that made me happy was taking a good look at my friends.  Old and new, online and in person.  People always joke and say that I love everyone.  It's true.  I have friends from every walk of life.  Some who I would never invite over at the same time because they are just too different, but I love them all the same. Some I haven't talked to in forever but are still some of the best friends I have ever had.  I can't imagine a life without all the amazing people I have in mine.

What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm guessing we are going to be sticking close to home this weekend and trying to get everyone back to 100%.  Movie nights, playing in the streets, and playing with the puppies. Whatever it is y'all are up to, be sure to be safe and stay happy!

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