March 28, 2017

Menu Monday: March 26th

I guess technically it's Tuesday but I started this post yesterday so I'm sticking with it. It's late, I'm trying to finish up an invitation I am designing for a friend, waiting for the dogs to come in, listening for the washer to stop and I still need to make Davids lunch for tomorrow. And I need to check Alex's fever one last time before I go to bed myself. Yes, today has been exhausting. I totally jinxed myself when I said I was excited to get back on schedule after spring break.

We didn't hit the store until today. Thank God for Grandma who stayed with the boys. I don't know what I would do without her. After a day spent in doctors offices and hospitals, I was actually excited about grocery shopping. Of course I was over budget and we had a super easy dinner but the rest of the week its back to the kitchen for me.

Monday:  Nachos.

Tuesday:  Pansit and beef lumpia.

Wednesday: Mushroom pork chops, cauli mash and carrots.

Thursday:  Chicken kiev and salads.

Friday:  Baked Tilapia with garlic bread crumbs and broccoli.

Saturday:  Leftovers

I'm in total shock over how much leftovers we had to throw away last week. But everyone has been out of sorts and with one kid not eating all week and the other with a decreased appetite, there was just no finishing anything. This weekend, I'm going to make sure that we eat up whatever is left from the week. No wasting!  

Do you do leftovers? Do you eat them as they are or try to "remix" into a new meal?

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