March 19, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: March 20th

Not only is grocery shopping done, it was done yesterday!  I am determined not to be dragging this week. After a whole week off, I know it's a long shot. But hopefully being prepared will help.  

Spring Break was a blast, despite the struggle. The boys were so eager to get out of town. Every year is the same request, they don't care where we go as long as we stay in a hotel. First floor of course so they can jump on the beds and preferably with breakfast and a pool. This year it was still too cold to swim, so we will do that here at home next weekend instead. Hotel life is fun and all but I am happy to be home.

It's the final stretch now. To the end of the school year. Only 73 more days until Summer break, but who's counting. Time to suck it up and get back into routines. 


Monday:  Green chili chicken bake and salads

Tuesday: Lemon pepper turkey, brown rice pilaf and broccoli.

Wednesday:  Herb pork loin, buttered carrots and green salad.

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday:  Roasted chili lime cod with slaw and corn.

There is so much I have to get caught up on this week. Hopefully enough to keep my busy but not so much I wear myself down. My labs are all out of whack so I'm back on weekly blood draws. Fingers crossed everything looks back to normal Tuesday and I can go back to monthly visits instead. One less thing to worry about that way.


Purposefully hit my steps at least 3 days this week. I'm moving the elliptical out of my bedroom where it has been hiding.

Animal upkeep. The dogs need baths, Koopas outdoor enclosure needs to get started and inside substrate needs to be swapped out and wet down.

Deep clean the kitchen. Fridge cleaned out, cabinets purged and stove scrubbed.

Carpets need a good steam cleaning. I meant to do this before vacation but we ended up leaving early.

Laundry. If I do 3 loads a day this week, I could possible see the bottom of all the baskets. As long as I fold the clean clothes and put them away too. Why is there so much laundry?

What does your week look like?  Do you have your menu and goals for the week planned out?

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