March 29, 2017

Another not so wordless Wednesday...

Last week I mentioned something on FB about how I was so excited to get back on track after spring break and how I was ready to focus and truck though the last few months of the school year until summer break.

I lied.  Or I jinxed myself.  Or something.

Alex made it to school 2 days out of last week.  My 2, yes TWO 11 week old Great Dane foster puppies were dropped off, and I was struggling to keep myself going.  Insomnia and horrible lab work be damned, I was determined to get through that week.
Alex went back to school.

A change in meds should get me where I need to be.  Speaking of meds, there are 7 prescriptions waiting at the pharmacy for me and I am a little nervous to see the dent it will put in my wallet.  Tried to convince David to just "swing by" and pick something up from the store, but he figured it out.  Its probably better he doesn't see the receipt for that anyways. Ha!

All 4 dogs and the Tortoise have been fed, gone to the bathroom and are napping away.
I have a sink full of dishes and piles of clean clothes in every corner of my house that need to be put away but, like David reminded me last night, at least they are clean.  There are piles of dirty clothes but they are nicely tucked away in baskets.

The puppies need baths and the other two need their nails trimmed.  Koopas tank needs to be cleaned and sprayed down while he gets a soak too.  It can all wait till the boys get home and help.
Speaking of cleaning, I need to steam clean my carpets again. 

My meds are finally kicking in so I can only hope that my body leaves me enough energy to at least get to some of my never ending list of things to get done before the weekend.  I still have a few days so I should be ok.

Thankfully the new puppies are such good little things.  I'm not gonna say anything more so I don't jinx myself there too.  That would test my limits for sure!  The menu for the rest of the week is nice and easy too, so that helps.  

I need to get another load of laundry going and get dinner prepped and ready to go.  Get the dogs up for a little playtime and potty breaks.  Get the puppies their lunch.  And maybe squeeze in a little nap/reading time.  

What are you up to today?  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  We are halfway though Wednesday so Friday is just around the corner! 

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