February 14, 2017

5 tips for traveling with dogs

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The boys and I were just talking about our next camping trip and how we should take the dogs us.  They didn't get to go the last time, because it was our first time on the beach and we wanted to scope it out first. I'm pretty sure they will love it though. Fresh air and lots of exploring of beaches and dunes.  Oh yeah, they will love it.  They see the back of the car open and they are in!

Road Trip Dogs

Have you traveled with your dogs before?  We haven't been up in the air, but our boys are always down for a road trip.  When we lived in Florida, Chico the Chihuahua came on all our road trips.  Hes even been to Disney World.  Then there was the drive from Florida to Texas.  That was a little more challenging.  Once we got to Texas we added Poncho the Dane to the family and we questioned if we would ever be able to all go on a trip together.

Great Dane vs Cow

And then few summers ago, we did it.  Loaded the boys and the dogs up and made the 17 hour drive to Alabama.  It was 15 hours on the map, but with stops every hour it took a little longer.  Poncho saw his first cow at the first rest stop we hit in Texas, and then when we made it to my sister's house, he was happy to find the whole lot next door full of cows!  I can only wonder what he was thinking.

Traveling with your dogs can be so much fun.  There was the time Poncho got out with me at a gas station and the lady at the next pump over about ran away.  Poor lady.  I shouldn't laugh but every time I think about the look on her face, I can't help it. I wonder what she thought he was? Plus my sister has two dogs and everyone got along and had fun.  They even took a run into the woods and I was for sure they were all gone. They decided to go play with their new cow friends, and we decided not to take them off leash in new places. We learned a lot that trip and since then, traveling with them has been easier.

5 things to remember when traveling with dogs.

Bring a piece of home with you.  A toy or a blanket work great.  It's a big change for them and making them comfortable along the way will make things a lot easier for you.  Especially if it's their first trip.  Give them lots of love along the way too.

Dogs should travel light.  And by light, I mean on an empty stomach.  Nothing can kill a road trip faster than a dog with an upset stomach.  Do pack some food though so that when you do stop, your dogs have something eat!  Just make sure they hit the grass before getting back in the car.  A few old towels and antibacterial wipes are good to keep on hand as well.  Better to be prepared!

We never leave the house without our wallets.  Be sure to bring your dogs "wallet" along too.  Bring vet records just in case they need to see the vet.  Always be sure that they have their collar and tags on them. That way if you do happen to get separated, a name on the front will tell their finders who they are and a # on the back will help reunite you with them.

We drove from Texas to Alabama and were sure to map out rest stops along the way.  It will make the trip a little longer, but make a few pit stops and let them out to stretch and burn off some energy.  If you are stopping in a town for a while, you can even check to see if there are any local dog parks that you can visit before loading back up and hitting the road again. A good run before you get on the road will help tire them out for a little bit too!

Pet Friendly doesn't always mean pet friendly.  There may be restrictions and extra fees for those traveling with a dog.  Breed and size may also vary between places as well so always be sure to call ahead and check.  My idea of perfectly pet friendly is a hotel that actually welcomes your furry friends.   Have you heard of Radisson RED?  REDs pet program includes a food and water dishes, a bandana, and even a bed just for your dog.  Find out more about the Radisson RED Pet Program {here}

Speaking of beds, you have the chance to win a Fatboy Doggie Lounge just like the ones that are included in the Radisson RED pet program!  All you have to do share a photo of your dog on a travel adventure. Upload and tag your photo on Instagram and be sure to use #BaxterTravels and #Contest in your caption.

So tell me, have you taken your dog on an adventure?  Where are y'all headed next?  Keeping it close to home?  Or farther away?  Thankfully Texas is big enough to get away without getting too far.  But I think Poncho is waiting for something a little more tropical!

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