February 15, 2017

Make mornings easier with VitaTops

This post is sponsored by VitaTops but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Are you a morning person?  I used to be.  Before kids.  Now that the boys are in different schools and our mornings are swallowed up by rushing through our morning routine, trying to find a missing shoe, cleaning up spilled milk and a lot of "for the hundredth time will you please put your shoes on!"  Or they were anyways.


This year I chose SELF as my word.  I wanted to take better care of myself not just physically but mentally too. One area that could really use attention was mornings. I knew we were going to have to change a few things. The boys arguing, me having to raise my voice, tears, and lost shoes all had to stop.  And for the most part, they have!  I have to say that this month has been all smiles.  Its nice to send the boys off to school with no arguments or grumpy faces. My heart has been mostly calm this week.  And all it took was some really deep breaths and me picking my battles.
  1. Do I really want to clean up spilled toothpaste again?  NO.  So I put toothpaste on their brushes while they are eating.  And I also make them brush their teeth in separate bathrooms on extra rowdy mornings.
  2. Do I really want to spend the morning searching for a lost shoe?  NO.  So I make sure they lay out clothes, shoes and socks the night before.
  3. Do I really want to rush out the door?  No.  So I set a second alarm for 7am this way we know it's time to get ready to leave. I hit snooze 3 times.  First alarm means breakfast is over. The second means bag need to be checked.  At 7:15 I'm all out of snoozes and we need to be walking out the door.  
  4. Do I really want to jump out of bed and make lunches?  NO. But if I pack their lunch the night before then all they have to do in the morning is pick their extra sides and everyone is happy.

Once the boys are at school, I come home and there 3 more mouths to feed. Four more if we have a foster dog at the time. By the time everyone is fed and breakfast is cleaned up my head is spinning.  Usually because I was busy feeding everyone, except myself.  I am awful at remembering to eat breakfast myself.  So much so that I have an alarm for that too!

Then I discovered VitaTops.


I found my Wild Blueberry and Deep Chocolate VitaTops at Target!  You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite or Target locations. They are made with clean and simple ingredients and are full of flavor.  There's something for everyone too! Deep Chocolate, Wild Blueberry, Superfood Cran Bran, and Protein Banana Chocolate Chip.  You would never guess they were low fat and low calorie.


To be honest, this week I found myself excited about a mornings now that they are running smoother. Getting out of bed and tuning on some happy music does wonders for not only the me, but the boys too. Before I leave the house, I take a VitaTop out of the box and let it set on the counter to warm up while we run the boys to school.


You can eat them at room temperature, but I like to pop mine in the toaster for a little bit of crunch.  I love that they are individually packaged because this makes them portable.  Maybe I should put them in Davids lunch box so he has something to eat when he gets to work.  He isn't a breakfast person, but VitaTops might do the trick!


I wish everything came with this notice.  Does this mean that if it takes me 40 minutes to walk to the school to get the little kids and get back that I can have seconds? Just a thought.  They really could double as dessert.  How long does it take to walk off a scoop of ice cream?  Asking for a friend.

What are some things you do to make your mornings easier?  Have you tried VitaTops yet?  Be sure to grab this 1$ off coupon and then head out and find your favorite flavor.  Mine is currently Blueberry, but the Banana Chocolate Chip is calling to me.

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