December 7, 2016

{not so} Wordless Wednesday: Another year down

I know it's supposed to be wordless, but I just realized this photo shows their age.  Chico the Chihuahua is 15 and Poncho is 6!  Ugh.  Chicos health is declining and Poncho has slowed down quite a bit as well.  I can't imagine ever saying goodbye to these boys.  I mean, some days they are the only ones who listen to me. (Bear with me, Im all sorts of emotional this week!)

Christmas Time makes me miss a certain other big boy too.  Walter was my Christmas Dog.  Not a gift, but my foster, who spent every morning and night crashed out in front of or half under the Christmas Tree. Before I knew it he was taking up space in my heart too.  Oh how I miss him!

And another guy gone too soon.  Oh Morris.  This dog may or may not have tried to eat the Christmas tree.  I was only supposed to babysit him, but them he stayed on as my foster.  He went from paralyzed to walking/running/jumping, right into our family.  We all have a dog that we wished we could have kept.  Morris was Davids pick.  But sadly we had to say goodbye.  He was just to sick and it wasn't fair to him to keep asking him to be strong for us.  

Dogs have come in and out of our lives through fostering and adoption.  Some have made bigger spots in our hearts than others.  Some we still get to see and get updates on.  But these 2 "fosters" became family.  And now with our own 2 boys getting up there in age, we can only enjoy the ever loving crap out of them until they too are gone.  

Sure fostering has brought us lots of sadness. But I know in my heart these boys were love like crazy before they left us and that brings me comfort.  It hurts way less knowing this.  The came in strays and left with family that misses them still!

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