December 12, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: December 12th

I'm not sure I remember the last time I was this pumped for a Monday. It's not the coffee, I haven't had any in months.  It's not a great night of sleep because well, this is me we are talking about.  I think I am actually just looking forward to making this week a good one.  Getting things done.  Spending time with the boys and just being happy.  It's kinda strange but I missed this feeling.  For most of the year Mondays were a bother but here's to hoping we can end 216 differently!

First things first, my menu is up.  As usual, its simple.  And it's filled with all our usual favorites.  Isn't it just a tad crazy that my boys prefer brown rice to white because the brown rice has veggies in it.  I'm not totally screwing them up I guess!  They are probably going to be a little disappointed when they realize we are not having asparagus on Wednesday but I'm making broccoli so it won't be that big of a blow to their little veggie loving hearts.


Monday:  Mushroom Chicken 

Tuesday:  Spaghetti

Wednesday:  Lemon Pepper Turkey

Thursday:  Pancit

Friday:  Leftovers

Y'all want to know reason #14932 why I love my husband.  He suggested we move leftover night to Fridays so that I could kick off the weekend and not have to cook.  Most Fridays we end up playing in the street with the kids till the sun goes down.  Or having an occasional dance party with them in our living room. So it works out perfectly.  


There is so much to do this week outside of regular chores.  If I get all these done in one day that means I can take the rest of the week off right?  A mom can dream!

Order Anthonys school pictures.
Clear out the garage.
Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.
De clutter my bedroom.
Go in for blood work.
Vacuum out the car.
Order the last of the presents.
Take bags to donation drop off.

What's on your menu this week?  

Menu Plan Monday

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