March 25, 2016

Toes, Thai and Dogs, OH MY!

Its Friday.  Good Friday.  And everyone is home today.  This week has been busy but full of laughter.

If all weeks were like this week, the world would be a better place.
Today marks year 6 on the liver transplant list. Sure its been a while, but 6 years ago, I didn't know if I would even make it to see Alexanders 1st birthday.  Hes 7 now!

We started the week refreshed thanks to spring break. The boys are still talking about our trip to the coast! A simple night away made so many memories.

Reading with my boys.  Better yet, listening to them read to me.  It makes my heart so happy.

Dog sitting for a friend.  Everyone is always helping me out, its nice to be able to help them all too!

When you friends say your going to lunch and then treat you to a surprise pedicure.  She said she didn't tell me because she knew I wouldn't spend money to do something for myself.  Her husband got her a gift card to cover all 3 of us.

Lunch with my girls. Its been a while.  And when we are together, things get a little crazy.  But I don't think I have laughed that hard in a good long while.  

We entered the last 9 weeks of school.  You know what that means.  Summer is almost here.  I can't wait!

Our newest foster dog is a 14 week Great Dane Puppy.  He is clumsy, squishy and so so soft and he makes it hard to not write the check and foster fail him now.  And the other dogs have taken well to him and are happy to share the bed.

Kennel Training.  Sure the first night was a nightmare, but last night was great!  He only woke up once to go out and there was no fuss.  

Having everyone home today.  Its not often that David is home when the boys are home.  After having him home for the whole week last week, I was missing having them all home with me.

Did I mention the puppy???


Wishing everyone a Good Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Happy Easter too!  

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