April 1, 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

10things spring

Its finally Friday.  And its storming outside.  Perfect if you ask me.  Except for the fact that the dogs won't go out because its cold and wet and they don't like to dampen their paws.  No joke.  The weather will not be stopping me though.  From taking a nap.  

Its been a hard few days here.  Last week I was able to fight the fatigue, but this week, with my pain elevated, I have been giving in to a good nap every day.  Yesterday I was in bed by 6.  Didn't fall asleep until 11, but I was wore out.  Even with a long nap while the boys were in school.  And even though I have been hurting, I have been smiling.  Because around here, there is always something to be happy about.

1. Mellow dogs who help keep the foster puppy mellow too

2.  Books on my phone.

3.  Water. Cant get enough water!

4.  A husband who makes me laugh.

5.  Alex asking questions like "So when people only have one kid did they adopt out the rest?"  #rescuekids  
6.  My appetite is back. Probably shouldn't make me as happy as it does, but I enjoy food again!!

7.  Clean carpets.  Texas is dusty.  And dogs and boys are dirty.  

8.  Emails from others with Budd Chiari Syndrome.  

9.  Coconut Popsicle. Where have these been all my life.  Or since I left home anyways.

10.  April is Donate Life Month.  Last month marked my 6th year on the liver transplant list. 


I know its short and sweet, but with the wind blowing and the dogs sleeping quietly, my eyes are feeling really heavy.  Nap time it is.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

What was the highlight of your week.  What made you happy?

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