November 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: November 9th

I have been non stop today. But so much got done that I wont even complain about swollen feet, broken nails and a sore back. Seriously i feel great! 

It has been so long since I've gone to lay down and felt happy because I know Im waking up to a empty sink and a decluttered house. I also got a lot off my mind and heart today too. Today was cleansing in so many ways today.

But its Monday and so lets get down to the good stuff. FOOD. That's about the only thing I didn't do today. I had a grilled cheese right before I picked up the boys and I may or may not have a Zebra Cake on my nightstand.  Don't judge me. 

This weeks menu!

Monday:  Leftover chicken and rice what ever veggies we wanted out of the fridge. 

Tuesday:  Grilled steak tacos. I love to grill but sometimes I just love my grill pan even more!

Wednesday:  Meatloaf with roasted potatoes and honey glazed carrots (thanksgiving test recipe)

Thursday:  Panko crusted pork chops, Trisha Yearwoods mac and cheese (thanksgiving test recipe) and broccoli

Friday:  Leftovers. The boys asked for fish sticks if there is any leftover macaroni.

So there's that. With 25 minutes to spare!  I will be back tomorrow to put in links. I think I'm finally coming off this caffeine high. Time to read a little and then call it a night.  

Are you adding any new dishes to your Thanksgiving menu this year??


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