November 10, 2015

Show them how to be a good friend!

Last week I picked up my youngest from school and he greeted me with on of his extra happy smiles. Then I noticed he was carrying a water bottle that was not his. After he gave me a hug he tells me that the water bottle belongs to his friend and that he left it in the hallway. And that he just needed to take it home, wash it then fill it up with fresh water so his friend would have clean fresh water tomorrow. How did I get so lucky? I'd soon find out.

His teacher walking by so I gave her the bottle and explained why Alex had it. The whole walk to the car I was getting stink eye by a very angry 6 year old. Trying to explain to him that maybe his friends parents would be happier to know it was in the classroom than brought home by another student and refilled was pointless. His reply "I was just trying to be a good friend. You would do the same thing!

I looked to Grandma for help but she just looked at me and said "Hes right, you would!"

He is right! I offer water to workers who come to fix our appliances and things. Heck, I've been known to toss water to trash guys. There is a special cup of water in my fridge for my neighbors daughter that is ready for her when ever she comes over.  And when my friends comment on my dinner or snack photos, I take them some.  I also try to help out when ever they need it or how ever I can.

And here was my sweet boy just wanting to do the same thing for his friends. It made my heart so happy to know that he learned this from me.

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi   

When I didn't think they were looking, they were. Being a good friend is important to me, and my boys too it seems. The truth is, they learn by watching us and we need to lead by example. Not just on how to be a good friend, but how to be a good person all around.

Be kind and honest.

Say Please and Thank You.

Help your friends out.

Share and Volunteer.

I'm always venting about kids these days.  I know that a part of the reason kids are the way they are these days, is because of their parents. Good manners and good hearts seem to have been lost. These are not things learned in a classroom.  They are things they learn by watching their parents.


This was another time that he blew me away.  After procrastinating and trying to hype himself up about it, Alex finally did it.  He climbed up the funnel of netting on the other end of the structure and was almost at the end, when a much older girl, came toward him.  She stopped.  He stopped. Then he looked down at me and gave me one of those grins and instantly I knew what he was going to do.  She was to scared to go around him and even though he was probably more afraid, he started to back track.  His feet hit the floor and he watched as she did the same.  I went over as they climbed down.  She stepped on his fingers more than once.  And almost knocked him down as she ran off with out even so much as a smile or a thank you! He didn't know this girl, but afterwards told me that she told him she was stuck and he just helped her get unstuck!

I love his heart! And I love that I am a part of it.

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