October 29, 2015

The Ghosts of Pumpkins Past

There are 2 days till Halloween.  Are you ready?

I'm not.

I just got my pumpkins today.  And I have no faces picked out yet.  Usually I'm on top of this.  I have the perfect pumpkins picked out as soon as they come out and I pick them out based on the designs I have already decided on.  This year I am 3 weeks behind.  Oops.

Not going to let it get to me though.  I spent most of the month in a funk and now I'm just rolling with it.  So not my style but I am making it work.  We do have one design picked out.  Alex and his class just read "Where the Wild Things Are" and he asked me to make a Wild Thing Jack o Lantern.

I have been obsessed with sugar skulls this year so mine might just be one of those.  Or something really scary.

Anthony still has to figure his out.

And David, well, David could really just care less about pumpkins.  Mostly because he knows I love them and will carve as many as he will buy me and then complain about how sore my hands are and how cramped my back is. Because when I get started...


I really do love carving pumpkins though.  Every year its what I look forward to most about Halloween.

Last year my Great Dane Pumpkin was a big hit.  It wasn't super amazing like some other carvings I have seen but I was proud of it!


These two were some of my favorites so far. Much easier than the dog!



What is your favorite part about Halloween?  Are you dressing up this year?  

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