October 27, 2015

Foster Dog Diaries: New Bowl. New Appetite!

**I received these bowls in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.**

Oh Morris!

These words come out of my mouth atleast 10 times a day.

Oh Morris, I love you!

Oh Morris, watch your tail.

Oh Morris, please dont sit on the table.

Oh Morris, not the trash again!

Oh Morris, you really do give the best snuggles.

Oh Morris, thanks for welcoming me home!

Oh Morris!  You ate all your food!!

Backstory in one breath...

Morris was hit by a car and found paralyzed and covered in his own filth. The rescue fixed him up and got his walking but the germs were already invading and putting up a nasty fight. We medicated and washed. When that didn't work, his meds got tweaked. He quit eating. He dropped weight so fast I didn't even see it happen.  I struggled.  He had to take the meds even though they lowered his appetite.  He finished them.

Then he started eating again.

Morris Eats

He still isn't fattening up.  Which is breaking my heart.  Most of my fosters come here to fill out and do so in no time.

Oh Morris, please get fat.

Or put on a pound or 5.  

Speaking of eating, the boys got new food bowls.  The last ones were not non skid and they would litterally chase their dinner around the kitchen.  Zitriom sent us 2 new non skid bowls to try out and they have been a blessing. I don't know why I didn't have them in the first place.

Dogs new bowl

The bowls are 32 oz and hold just enough food for the boys.  They are shallower than our old bowls so even Chico the Chihuahua can get to them easily.  And they really don't move much. They are super light, easy to clean and so far, have been able to handle my boys.  Which means, they have been chewed on, picked up, dropped, stepped in, slobbered on and washed a million times and are still in great shape.

Chico the Chihuahua

Morris is eating 3 times a day now. He is done with the medication that was causing his appetite to hide.  And considering since he has been off of them, he has eaten bananas and tomatoes off my counter, not to mention his dumpster diving. Not sure how they got the pantry door open though.  

So here is to Hope.  He hasn't had an easy start to life.  And I am hoping that we are able to fix whatever it is that is hurting him.  I want him to be healthy and happy and hopefully adopted.  I think he broke Walters record and has been with us the longest out of all our fosters.  It he hasn't broken it yet, he will soon I'm sure

Happy Tuesday!

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